SRJC Shone Farm Equestrian
Trainer Stephanie Koch

Client Testimonies:

“Stephanie has a way about her riding technique and style that she can take the most un-trained and ugliest horse and make it look like a million bucks under saddle with her!”

“Stephanie is one of the most positive and upbeat instructors, teaching her students and horses the skills they need and instilling confidence into them while leading them to success.”

“Stephanie truly pours her heart and soul into every horse and every rider that works with her.”

Stephanie Arata

Stephanie has been around horses all her life and was determined to make her passion into a career. From the young age of 5, it was clear that Stephanie had the “horse gene” in her, which came from her parents and her grandparents, as well as spending hours upon hours with her horses.

Riding any horse that came her way, Stephanie successfully trained and competed on various horses in hunters, jumpers, dressage, and 3-day events. She brought multiple horses, in a range of disciplines, to their highest potentials in the show ring.

Stephanie then moved on to various assistant trainer positions where she rode high level competition horses, instructed students of all ages and levels, and managed the barns recordkeeping, horse fitness levels, and nutrition programs.

Stephanie is a certified instructor through nationally recognized programs CHA and USHJA as well as having an AA degree in Equine Science. She also has attained her USDF Bronze Medal rider award.

Be the student young or old, scared or confident, beginner or advanced, Stephanie caters to each of her students' needs and teaches them in a way that is best for them, helping them to achieve their goals, be them small or big.

Stephanie worked with 4H and Pony Club members helping them achieve and complete their various levels, ratings, rallies, projects, and fairs.

Working as a vet assistant for multiple years, gave Stephanie the insight and knowledge in caring for and rehabilitating any horses that became injured during training, and giving her students the knowledge they need to care for their horses properly and become knowledgeable horsemen.

Having a true passion for children and horses, Stephanie also organized and ran multiple summer camps for children to come learn everything from riding, horse handling, grooming, horse anatomy, and equine management.

Stephanie's positive and upbeat teaching style, patience for students and horses, and professional integrity make her a valuable addition to Shone Farm Equestrian.

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