Farm Fresh Produce

Our farm fresh produce is available to the public in a variety of ways:

• Prepared in local restaurants (see list to the right)

• Purchased at our seasonal farmstand (currently closed)

• By becoming a member of our CSA program (details below)

Shone Farm Olive Oil

Currently available at Oliver’s Markets and sometimes directly from the farm.

Grass Fed Beef

We periodically sell our 100% grass fed beef to the public. Our next sell of selected cuts should be available in winter/ spring 2018. E-mail us to be contacted for the next sale. There are also good options for local grass fed beef at the many farmer's markets throughout the county

For those of you not familiar with locally raised grass fed beef, the cost might raise eyebrows. Here’s what Shone Farm beef is all about.

• When you purchase our beef, you know you are getting 100% pasture raised, grass fed beef raised right here at Shone Farm, by our students.

• Buying from local farmer supports the local economy, your community, and in this case helps educate future farmers!

• Our cattle have 100 acres of pastureland to roam and graze.

• Similar to the flavor of locally grown produce, like fresh juicy tomatoes or strawberries, local grass fed beef packs a lot of flavor.

• Grass-fed beef is also a leaner choice, with more omega-3 fatty acids than grain fed beef.

Shone Farm Olive Oil

Currently available at Oliver’s Markets and sometimes directly from the farm.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Each week, you’ll receive a share of whatever is ripe and ready to eat, grown by Sustainable Agriculture students. Our focus is delivering a wide array of high quality produce with whole meal ideas planned for every box.

Go Local!

Everything is grown for you, our local community, using sustainable practices. Your CSA membership gets you fresh, tasty fruits and veggies while students receive the opportunity to learn how to run a sustainable farm and produce for a local direct market.

Each week’s produce will change, but a share should feed 2-3 people. Here are a few typical items that you might see in the box each season.

Summer - Zucchini, basil, berries, cucumbers, apples, fresh herbs

Fall - Tomatoes, potatoes, basil, peppers, apples, and winter squash

CSA Details:

2018 CSA – Our CSA has not yet begun for 2018. It usually begins in June and runs through mid December. Details will be posted here as they become available (typically around April)

Pick up days and times vary by location, but are typically on Wednesday or Thursday.

Membership Lengths: We usually offer a variety of membership lengths including:

Discounted full season membership – receive 1 box or bag every week that the CSA runs (approximately 25 weeks) at a discounted rate

Single season membership (summer OR fall) - receive 1 box every week for that season (approximately 13 weeks). Box membership only.

Monthly - receive 1 box or bag every week for one month. The monthly option might only be available during the abundant months ( Aug, Sept, Oct, & Nov.)

Locations: Pick up locations will here at the farm in Forestville, and most likely at the Santa Rosa campus. They may also include the Petaluma campus, Keysight Technologies and Steele & Hops, near the Santa Rosa campus. These details will be confirmed sometime around April 2018.

Size Options:

Regular CSA box: good for dedicated vegetable eaters or a family. Includes 8 - 10 items every week. Cost is typically around $25.

Scholar bag: basically a smaller version of the CSA box. It costs less and includes about 3 – 4 items tailored to make a meal, with a recipe included. The scholar bag membership is a monthly subscription. If you were thinking about not joining the CSA because the regular box is too much produce, this might be a good option to try. Cost is typically around $12.

E-mail us at or call 707-535-3712 for more information and to be contacted once 2018 CSA details become available.